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Boxing Robe - Boxing Robes for Sale

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  • Stock Full Length No Hood Robe

    Stock Full Length No Hood Robe

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1 Product(s)

The Variety of Boxing Robes

You will find boxing robes for sale in a variety of fabrics, colors and lengths. Choose your robe in satin or terry cloth, full or three-quarter length, with hood or without. Men's and women's robes are the same, ranging in size from small to XXL, and in many colors, including white, black, blue, red, and pink. A three-quarter length terry cloth robe will be the cheap option if you need to cut costs.

If you want to show off your passion for the sport, or just want to pretend to be a boxer for a while, why not get a boxing robe costume for your next costume party? And if not for you, then why not for one of the kids? You don't know what adorable is until you see a toddler all decked out for his first championship fight! Everlast offers a variety of styles and sizes from which to choose.