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Double End Bag - Boxing Double End Punching Bags

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  • Fighting Sports Double End Bag

    Fighting Sports Double End Bag

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4 Important Facts about Double End Bags

A double end bag is a great addition to a boxer's arsenal of training equipment. Here are 4 facts you should know:

  1. 1. A double end boxing bag moves in much the same way as an opponent would move in a bout, helping the trainee develop rhythm and hand-eye coordination while establishing punching distance.
  2. 2. Double end bags, sometimes referred to as striking bags, range in size from about 9 inches in diameter, used primarily as a speed bag, up to about 18 inches in diameter, similar in use to a heavy bag. Smaller bags are best used by trainees who have already developed the coordination and speed necessary to make full use of them.
  3. 3. Double end bags are often secured to the ceiling at one end and the floor at the other. If this is impractical or simply undesirable, there are stands that allow the bag to be attached to upper and lower arms. Some stands are multi-stationed, accommodating other bags as well
  4. 4. Bags are generally round or oval in shape. In addition to these, Title offers two unusual boxing bag styles - a double double end bag and the intriguing peanut shaped Mexican style bag. Both are designed for practice of both high and low strikes.