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Everlast 100 lb Nevatear Heavy Bag

Everlast 100 lb Nevatear Heavy Bag

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Product Details

    Looking for a leather heavy bag, but don't like the price? The Everlast 100 lb Nevatear Heavy Bag is the answer.
  • The outer shell is Nevatear, a vinyl alternative to leather that closely matches its durability. Like leather, it is kind to hands as well
  • Sifted sand and synthetic and natural fibers, sanitized for protection, are stuffed into the bag in a special blend that is both shock absorbing and resilient, holding its shape for years of use
  • A swivel and double end attachment complete the package
  • Ideal for most advanced trainers

  • Weight: 100 lb
  • Dimensions: 14" x 48"
  • Color: Black

    Also available in 40 lb, 60 lb and 80 lb weights

Additional Information

Brand Everlast
Material Vinyl
Weight 100lb
Customer Reviews

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My Rating is an A
Review by PrJm41 (Posted on 1/22/10)
Great bag and a great value too. I have been waiting for the filling to start to settle a bit like it did with my last heavy bag but that hasn’t happened yet. It just goes to show what a great heavy bag this Everlast is and I have had some other bags to compare it to. Rating: A.
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Review by EverlastBuyer (Posted on 1/21/10)
A month or so ago, I bought a pair of Everlast bag gloves from here. While I did have a bag at home at the time, I spent time browsing this website and liked what I saw. I came back and decided to upgrade I guess you could call it. I don’t think I will ever need to buy another heavy bag again. One look and one touch and you can tell this is one of the most strong and durable bags on the market.
Strong and Durable
Review by Amanda (Posted on 1/20/10)
My husband wanted a new heavy bag for training in the basement. This training isn’t for anything in particular, just to have some free-time. He was complaining about his old bag and wanted something more advanced. Despite this, he didn’t have any clear product in mind. Being familiar with the Everlast brand, I came here to and made my purchase. So far so good; he does claim it is more advanced and durable.