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Everlast 60 lb Nevatear Heavy Bag

Everlast 60 lb Nevatear Heavy Bag

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Product Details

    If you want all the advantages of a leather heavy bag without the high cost, then the Everlast 60 lb Nevatear Heavy Bag is for you.
  • The Nevatear synthetic leather outer shell provides durability and hand protection that closely rivals that of real leather.
  • The interior of the bag is stuffed with a specially engineered blend of synthetic and natural fibers, sanitized for safety, and sifted sand, designed to absorb shocks and protect hands.
  • Comes with a double end attachment for stability and increased functionality, and a swivel
  • Ideal for older children and young adults, and most women

  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14" x 38"
  • Color: Black

    Also available in 40 lb, 80 lb and 100 lb weights

Additional Information

Brand Everlast
Material Vinyl
Weight 60lb
Customer Reviews

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Good Price and Free Shipping
Review by Gabe Daniels (Posted on 1/22/10)
Great for working out, great for training, great for getting fit, and great for relieving stress. All reasons why I am so glad I bought it and I do like the Nevatear shell – it made it affordable and its still build durable.
Works for the Whole Family
Review by Joe (Posted on 1/20/10)
I have to agree with this part of the review “ideal for both larger children and young adults, as well as most women.” This Everlast bag was orgnially purchased as a gift for my son, but everyone including my wife is getting full use out of it. Despite the fact that there are three people vying for use, I am pretty sure based on the construction that it will hold up just fine.