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Everlast Leather Boxing Heavy Bag - 100 lbs.

Everlast Leather Boxing Heavy Bag - 100 lbs. Zoom

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Product Details

    Everlast has designed a heavy bag which is perfect for both the professional gym and the home gym. The Everlast Leather Boxing Heavy Bag (100 lbs) is the final stop in your search for the ideal bag:
  • Blending quality with price, this bag offers a top of the line leather outer shell which will provide years of durable service
  • A specially formulated blend of filler is designed to protect your hands by absorbing shocks, while maintaining its shape and resisting sagging
  • Double stitching keeps the seams secure and able to withstand the most intense pounding
  • Added reinforcement at the top means the "D" ring tabs will hold the bag securely and safely
  • All the hardware you need - chains, hooks and swivel - is included

  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14" x 48"
  • Colors: Black, Red and Blue

    Also available in 50 lbs and 75 lbs weights
Also available in 50 lbs and 100 lbs weights

Additional Information

Brand Everlast
Material Leather
Weight 100lb
Customer Reviews

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Great Price, Great Customer Service
Review by Nolacin (Posted on 1/23/11)
I bought this Everlast Heavy 100lb Bag on 07-02-10 from the Boxing Bag Store. I bought this bag to replace a $100 'Cheep' bag that I tore apart after a couple weeks of heavy use. I have now owned this bag for more than 6 months and have hit this bag with every thing I have. I would have never guessed how nice a leather bag is until I bought this one. The bag is evenly filled so it doesn't have those random hard spots like cheep bags. I would only recommend a bag made from leather because its not tearing at the seams like my other 'cheep' bag did. I would recommend this bag for anyone who is strong and enjoys hitting a bag hard.
I have only used short-term so far, but here is what I think:
Review by Kurt Frak (Posted on 1/23/10)
I haven’t had my bag for long, so I am not sure how great of a detailed long-term review I can give. On that note, I am very impressed so far. The bag arrives filled so just hang and go. As for that filling, it is pretty good, strong, and consistent.
Overall summary (I bought black)
Review by Doughboy15 (Posted on 1/22/10)
I would actually recommend this Everlast Heavy 100lb Bag to others. In fact, I am likely to recommend all Everlast products now and I’m honestly not big on spreading the word to others. There is just something about the bag. It is strong, tough, and just what I wanted. Maybe I just want to brag that my money was wisely spent.
Good, nice, strong, and built tough
Review by Shelly (Posted on 1/22/10)
Just what you need from a heavy bag – good strong construction, nice design, heavy and durable materials. I bough the blue and now kind of just wished I went with black instead, but not big deal. A+++