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Heavy Bag Stand - Punching Bag Stand - Everlast Heavy Bag Stands

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  • TKO Heavy Bag / Speed Bag Stand

    TKO Heavy Bag / Speed Bag Stand

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    List Price: $499.99


1 Product(s)

Using a Heavy Bag Stand When You Can’t Hang Your Boxing Bag

Sometimes it's impractical or undesirable to mount a heavy bag from the ceiling. If you want the bag, but can't hang it from your ceiling, then a heavy bag stand may be the answer. Consider the following:

  1. 1. Heavy bag stands don't take up much room, but you do need to make sure that you can accommodate the stand's footprint.
  2. 2. Some stands are multi-stationed. These stands act as both a heavy bag and a speed bag holder.
  3. 3. Some heavy bag stands are equipped with metal pegs at the corners which can accommodate weight plates, adding extra stability to the unit.
  4. 4. Most stands are designed with boxing punching bags in mind. If you're looking for a stand for a Muay Thai heavy bag, make sure you buy one that can accommodate the bag's extra height and has plenty of room to allow you to kick freely and safely.
  5. 5. Purchase heavy bag stands from companies noted for their quality products, such as Everlast, TKO and Ringside.