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Boxing Handwraps - Quality Handwraps for Boxing

3 Product(s)

  • Velpeau Amateur Competition Handwraps

    Velpeau Amateur Competition Handwraps

    Sale Price: $14.99

    List Price: $18.99

  • 108" Cotton Handwraps

    108" Cotton Handwraps

    Sale Price: $16.99

    List Price: $21.99

  • 180" Pro Mexican Handwraps

    180" Pro Mexican Handwraps

    Sale Price: $17.99

    List Price: $22.99


3 Product(s)

An Essential Piece of Equipment: Boxing Hand Wraps

Boxing hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who boxes, no matter how casually. A properly wrapped hand protects it from injury to the bones and tendons and supports the wrist and thumb. Handwraps are available in 120 inch lengths for smaller hands, and 180 inch lengths for larger hands. It is important that the handwrap be tight enough to protect the hand and stay in place, but not so tight that it interferes with circulation. It takes some practice to get it right. Handwraps can be machine washed, but have a tendency to become tangled. It is better to put them in a small nylon or mesh bag first, and then put them in the machine. Hang them up afterward to dry.