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Boxing Protective Gear - Best Prices on Boxing Protection Gear

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  • MMA EverGel Glove Wraps

    MMA EverGel Glove Wraps

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1 Product(s)

Keeping Your Body Intact with Quality Protective Gear

Boxing is a tough sport. The potential for injury is always present. Whether training, sparring or competing in the ring, protective gear is essential. The more involved the trainee is in the sport, the more gear is required:

  1. 1. Headgear is used to protect the boxer from soft tissue damage while sparring.
  2. 2. Mouthpieces protect the inside of the mouth from cuts from the teeth when a hard punch hits the face.
  3. They also keep the upper and lower jaws locked together, protecting the jaw joint from injury.
  4. 3. Hand wraps protect the knuckles and wrists.
  5. 4. Groin and no-foul protectors protect from low punches.
  6. 5. Chest guards protect women from breast injury.