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Striking Bags for Boxing - Boxing Striking Bag

4 Product(s)

  • MMA Everflex Striking Bag

    MMA Everflex Striking Bag

    Sale Price: $300.99

    List Price: $376.99

  • Cardio Strike Bag

    Cardio Strike Bag

    Sale Price: $150.99

    List Price: $188.99

  • MMA Omnistrike Stand

    MMA Omnistrike Stand

    Sale Price: $275.99

    List Price: $344.99

  • MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag

    MMA Omnistrike Heavy Bag

    Sale Price: $168.99

    List Price: $211.99


4 Product(s)

4 Considerations When Choosing a Striking Bag

The striking bag is an essential piece of training equipment in boxing, traditional martial arts and MMA. Striking bags are available in a wide array of sizes, colors and weights. The different types of bags are designed with specific training goals in mind. When shopping for a bag, choose one based on the following points:

  1. 1. Your size and punching power. A beginner or an amateur should start with a smaller bag.
  2. 2. Your sport - do you need a bag just for punching, or will you be using your feet and knees as well?
  3. 3. Are you training for speed and endurance, or for power?
  4. 4. How will you install the bag in your home gym?