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Speed Bag Platform - Speed Bag Stand & Platforms

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  • Everlast Pro Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

    Everlast Pro Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

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    List Price: $1,299.99


1 Product(s)

Using a Speed Bag Platform to Mount Your Bag

You want to buy a speed bag, but how do you intend to mount it? You have two choices - a wall mount or a stand. You need to consider the following information to determine which installation is best for you.

A speed bag platform mounted to the wall takes up the least amount of space. There are many models from which to choose. If two or more people of different heights will be training on the bag, an adjustable platform will make the workout more comfortable for all users. Try to match the size of the platform to the size of the bag. Ideally, the bag should not come beyond the perimeter of the platform. So an 11 inch long bag should be mounted on a 24 inch diameter platform.

Speed bag platforms do require structural installation, however, and this might not be feasible. In that case, a speed bag stand might be the answer. Stands typically come in dual station configurations, accommodating both a speed bag and a heavy bag. These stands do take up floor space, but they can be positioned anywhere they fit in the workout area and require no installation.

Everlast and TKO, among others, build excellent platforms for speed bags.