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Speed Bag Swivels - Best Everlast Speed Bag Swivel Prices

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  • Title Platinum Pro Swivel

    Title Platinum Pro Swivel

    Sale Price: $45.99

    List Price: $49.99


1 Product(s)

Getting the Right Rhythm with Speed Bag Swivels

The speed bag swivel is the middle part of a speed bag set-up, attached to the platform at one end and the bag at the other. It is responsible for most of the bag's movement. A swivel is usually included when you purchase a platform, but swivels may also be purchased as replacements or as upgrades to the pre-packaged units. If you find your rhythm a bit off during a workout, check the swivel. It may be a bit loose and adding some wobble to the bag's motion. Title & Everlast makes some excellent swivels at very reasonable prices.