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Medicine Balls - Dynamax TKO Everlast Leather Medicine Balls for Sale

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  • PowerCore Medicine Ball

    PowerCore Medicine Ball

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1 Product(s)

Getting Monster Core Strength with Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are used to increase core strength and accustom a boxer to blows to the midsection. They are also used to develop explosive power in the arms, chest and shoulders. Typically about 14 inches in diameter, you'll find medicine balls on sale from 2 pounds to about 40 pounds. For the hardcore strength athlete, there are heavy balls that can weigh up to 200 pounds. These medicine balls are usually 10 to 12 inches in diameter.

Medicine balls are covered in leather or rubber. Leather is smoother and easier on the hands, but can be difficult to handle when hands are sweaty. Rubber, which is sometimes textured, can be easier to grip but a bit more abrasive. There are also medicine balls now with either one or two handles, making them far easier to grip and much more versatile.

Medicine balls take a lot of abuse. When shopping, look for well-made, sturdy balls that will last. Cheap balls won't seem quite so inexpensive if they have to be replaced quickly. Everlast, TKO, Dynamax and Valeo all produce a line of quality balls.