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Uppercut Bag - Boxing Upper Cut Punching Bags

2 Product(s)

  • Aries 50 lb Uppercut Bag

    Aries 50 lb Uppercut Bag

    Sale Price: $89.99

    List Price: $95.99

  • Everlast Uppercut Bag

    Everlast Uppercut Bag

    Sale Price: $99.99

    List Price: $129.99


2 Product(s)

Perfecting Your Uppercut with The Perfect Uppercut Bag

An uppercut bag is designed to allow the boxer to practice uppercut punching, as well as jabs and low punching technique. Uppercut punching bags are manufactured in several different designs, all allowing the puncher to attack the bag from below, unlike a more traditional heavy bag. The structure is more horizontal than vertical.

A popular alternative to the standard hanging model, which looks like a regular heavy bag hanging on its side, is the wall mount uppercut bag. This design attaches directly to the wall and allows the boxer to attack from multiple angles.

Everlast offers another unique design, the Teddy Atlas Uppercut bag. This bag has a vertical design with a top that's wider than the bottom, allowing the trainee to throw not only uppercut punches, but a full array of other punches as well.