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Finding the Boxing Bag for You

There’s no way around it - every martial artist, be it a boxer, MMA fighter, Muay Thai kickboxer or other fight sport practitioner, simply has to put his or her reps in with a boxing bag to improve their striking. However, a 200 pound pure boxer has different training needs than a featherweight amateur MMA fighter or a non-fighter fitness junkie who just wants to punch out some of his or her pent up emotions. There is a staggering assortment of bag styles, sizes, weights and materials. We are confident you will find what suits your training needs on our site as we have the largest selection available online!

Featured Boxing Bag Products

Boxing Bag Selection Tips

Getting all the right equipment to train with can be a hassle if you have to run from athletic store todepartment store to discount store to find everything that you need for your exercise routine. At Boxing Bag Store, finding everything from generic punching bags to speed bags and platforms is a breeze. Ouronline store interface is easy to use, and features product-specific categories that make it quick to locate a particular boxing bag or other item during your search.

Boxing Bag Store doesn’t only stock boxing bags in a number of brands and varieties, but we also carryboxing and strength training accessories for your daily workouts. Boxing gloves, heavy bag stands, andeven speed bag platforms are readily available, and just like our boxing bags, any of these items canbe shipped directly to your home for free on all orders over $20. Our featured products section on the homepage even highlights popular merchandise as well as sale items we think you might be interested in, so you don’t have to go digging around if you’re just looking for a quick find or good bargain.

When browsing for boxing bags specifically, you’ll come across two particular types, and each one will offer a different training experience. Heavy bags are sturdy, durable, and built to take a brutal beating without moving nearly at all. These bags are designed to help you test your punches or kicks against aweighted ‘opponent,’ instead of forcing you to rely on a volunteer willing to take some of your throws and jabs. Speed bags are small, movable, and built for optimal give. They can take repetitious punching for hours on end without wear and tear, and they’re much more inexpensive in general than heavy bags. Whatever type you decide on, don’t forget you can use both for different aspects of your training routine.

If you have any questions about using our site or ordering products, there’s no need to worry either! Boxing Bag Store has sales agents and customer service representatives on standby throughout theweek for your convenience, so check our available service hours and feel free to call should you need product information, order clarification, or something else you can’t find in our online help.

Boxing and other strength training exercises are best accomplished using effective, high quality boxinggear. Instead of having to wait in line at the gym or use a makeshift setup, you can find all the boxingbags and fitness accessories you need at Boxing Bag Store at a price point that fits your budget. Foroptimal value, quality, and service, Boxing Bag Store is your best bet. Just ‘punch’ in your order information when you’re ready, and have your selections shipped straight to your door.